OHBA School Satchel

- Longtime seller school satchel by first-class craftsman -

OHBA CORPORATION sent only product of reliable quality not to permit all compromise as pioneer of Japanese school satchel maker in 83 since we were born in 1935. We have been making effort to create veritable bags of high quality for a long time, and in this period we have received various prizes and awards, such as a seven consecutive winning of Minister of Education Award, Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, 11 times of winning of Tokyo Governor Award, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and so on, in a large number of competitions. We eagerly desire to keep producing long selling goods to be loved by everyone.


Rule in bag production is in us.

We do polite work

Careful work is to say hand work basically. There are "eyes to natural leather each and acts violently. In other words, we turn along "eyes and warp and stretch and contract between eyes. There is only hand work that we can adjust to at keen-edged finger-tip one by one to read different leather eye of property (tachi), and to make shape of bag along curve.

We use super first class material

Super first class material is material becoming tasteful so as to use. Fresh one is the best, and normal suddenness tanned leather and artificial leather are attractive, but quality deterioration begins with progress at time, and a sense of fulfilment for having person fades. We use "leather which we spend time and built up" which we use, and luster increases, and leather taste improves, and massivity feeling appears.

We adopt simple design

We attach only necessary part with simple design, and being able to do it is style that omitted waste. Which had decoration in various ways, deception works in making bag, and is comfortable for working, but there is model to arrive naturally to respect leather taste, and to keep good point of hand work alive, it of us become classic.

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Information for event

● Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi  From Wednesday, September 19 to Tuesday, October 2  ・[1135] The Lawyer's bag order society   We accept combination of crocodile and elephant.  In addition, it is no for customer who had you order during period...

About delivery delay caused by "Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake

 Under the influence of "Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake, we stop baggage to send throughout Hokkaido.  In addition, Osaka, some areas of Kyoto are equipped with the delivery system under the influence of typhoon 21 size of the other day and become order. Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. formula sa...

Information for new product

The date and time: From August 8 Place: The second floor of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store bag salon Brief case with � [1258-M] belt  [1258-BRD] Brief case with belt   Sale precedent in flap Brief case Mitsukoshi Main Store with band ...

We talk about visit of West Japan flood. We give to all of you suffered from by this disaster heartily. I wish you your security and speedy restoration.

There is few as part of contribution to society of company in OHBA CORPORATION; of revival of stricken area thought that helped, and, on July 27, both days on 28th, held charity sale. To all of you who had approve of this plan the other day for emergency...


Information for school satchel sale

As head office shop, Landes, Utsunomiya cell shop become no fixed holiday from September
You open the following link on visit, and please confirm calendar on business day.


June 12th ~ 15th 2018

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Please download one wanting press kit announced by OHBA CORPORATION.

Feelings to experienced craftsmanship

OHBA CORPORATION is a long-established bag maker, which is also making medicine cabinets for the Imperial Family, is always seeking "good quality and craftsmanship". Feelings to "quality to use only leather of highest grade material and feelings to classic" experienced craftsmanship including sewing by hand. OHBA CORP. has been producing handmade beautiful leather goods, with the out-and-out craftsmanship. From CORDOVAN of the highest grade to clarino, business bag, handicraft leather wallet, leather accessory of bag craftsman attract attention in our vaunted school satchel which is pioneer of maker as the beginning, too.

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OHBA CORPORATION was performed nomination of in BAG contest of miperu this time by "prize for style and innovation".
Several companies were commended other than our company from 390 companies. We thank for this with grace of instruction from member gentlemen entirely.
In addition, miperufasshonsho of special event was held and as you see exhibited Ohba product. Of Ohba bag of Italian model have, and serve as a reference very much.

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