OHBA School Satchel
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The stock situation of OHBA School Satchel

[GR] Product made in Ohba total CORDOVAN all hand-sewn school satchel
As for the photograph, grand [GR] (black)

[8] Harmonic made of Ohba
Photograph [8] harmonic (black X camel)

New developmentTrapeze patent pending
 Opened only some parts to put the teaching materials in to receive A4 flat fill, and did in trapezoid; "is wide, and is beautiful small"
 School satchel, new sale of totally new form not to change visually even if it becomes big!

 As size of flap is small, we assume appearance than commercial flat file size and feel sense lightly small.

  For the special manufacturing method, it is adopted only to limited product.

For founding 67 years, it is pioneer of Japanese school satchel.
Longtime seller of school satchel proud of the longtime history and tradition to
OHBA School Satchel which is hand-sewn, and is finished of expert craftsman OHBA School Satchel

OHBA School Satchel by handstitch of craftsman

Ceremony that the threshold of new life is important from grandparents for grandchild from parent to child as for it. Because we share school life with child regularly for a while for six years, we want to entrust with gentleness with feelings.
It is gem which school satchel of OHBA CORPORATION where has been got close to by nickname called "OHBA School Satchel for a long time concentrates the skill of takumi said to be world bending fingers and is particular about the best usability and pulled.
One of the authentic leather bags that child comes across school satchel first. Therefore we want to take responsibility for the important encounter for pride of craftsman.

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From the imperial family to celebrities of all domains
There are reasons enough to realise why our products have been appreciated and loved.
 Since our foundation in 1935, OHBA CORP. has been pursuing handmade production of bags that cannot be imitated by mass-production, from the choice of materials to its process flow.
 As a result, our company has become famous as a long standing brand and loved by a lot of people around the world.
 Our products are admired by fashion designers who work in France, a country of origin of leather goods, or by other celebrities of all domains. Its high quality is proven by various satisfactory results, as shown in medias such as television and magazines, or in the fact that we manufacture medicine boxes for the Imperial Family.

Left: Published by Fuyusha: 『Catalogue of collector's items loved by the Imperial Family
Right: Published by Shogakukan Serai: 『"Belongings" of Princess Aiko
Loved by many people as a top manufacturer of school satchels for more than 50 years.
It's because people who know the real thing have chosen our products for their loved children.
Gakushuin school satchel ←School satchel of an early date introduced in Gakushuin primary school

 Since "OHBA school satchel" was introduced as the basic design of Japanese school satchels, OHBA CORP. has been highly vaunted as a top manufacturer for more than 50 years. As a result, our products have been introduced in various famous national and private primary schools around Japan.
What we are proud of the most is the fact that our products have been chosen and inherited by people who know the difference between our products and other mass-produced ones as well as these results.
 Selecting "OHBA school satchel" as proof of love to one's dear children. We will do our best to keep producing the school satchels of the highest quality that would not betray the trust in this choice.

A medicine box for the Imperial Family
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       As for Princess Aiko Gakushuin elementary course goods, cherry blossoms are in full bloom!」 (the weekly woman)

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Conclusive factorStory - conclusive factor ... to make "happiness of the hand
  TV Tokyo November 21, 2012 broadcast

Do you make somebody happy? Person makes person happy even if we do not notice by oneself. When we make thing by hand, as for the person, the thought makes person happy with all thought. It is such a story.

"Hand of hand-sewn craftsman has unique thing. It is documentary producer of TV Tokyo to have focused there. We were fired up, and photographer and the staff became realistic image, too.
We are chosen in 2008 by "fine monomade medium and small-sized business 300
300 monomade medium and small-sized businesses where "is fine for 2,008 years"
  OHBA CORPORATION was chosen as choice company of version in "cheerful monomade medium and small-sized business 300 2008 by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  As for this, various places of medium and small-sized businesses of the whole country roused up figure of monomaking of medium and small-sized business which became vitality of Japanese economy still more by introducing concretely and we prayed for being made rapid progress more and more, it being at opportunity when the young group was interested in the making of thing again and were established, and the achievement was detected in OHBA CORPORATION, and letter of thanks and commemorative shield were presented than Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Amari.
Future ... school satchel production, OHBA CORPORATION ... (science channel) of children whom "hand brings up

Future ... school satchel production, OHBA CORPORATION ... of children whom "hand brings up  It was taken up by documentary series to chase expert of the way to polish on the site of manufacturing that technology promotion system promoted.
  It is OHBA CORPORATION handling bag, wallet, overall leather products including card case, but all the youths who entered the company will be engaged in production of school satchel. Because there is leather technique of all the "before process of school satchel production. Please see figure and the skill of young craftsman struggling for school satchel production in order to learn leather technique.
  → The future of children whom science channel ""hand" brings up

List of OHBA School Satchel catalogues

List of products of original school satchel made in big ravine is this → List of OHBA School Satchel

Photocontest 2016 holding!

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