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Santa claw Che Collection
Blaye dollar leather Collection / CORDOVAN Collection
Leather accessory of OHBA CORPORATION
OHBA School Satchel
Japanese well-established maker where experienced craftsmanship shines in "OHBA CORPORATION
The skill of craftsman is made of shining "Ohba"
Leather products which the handmade skill condensed
We are particular about handcrafting of expert craftsman
OHBA CORPORATION which produces a medicine box for the Imperial Family is always particular about "quality and experienced craftsmanship, and they are Japanese long-established store Bag maker which continues making many business bags or leather accessories. Feelings to "quality to use only leather of highest grade material and feelings to classic" experienced craftsmanship including sewing by hand. We inherit this thorough craftsman ship, and OHBA CORPORATION continues making beautiful leather products.
Medicine chest of Imperial Family purveyance for the government
Medicine chest of Imperial Family purveyance for the government

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