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Santa Croce leather
Historic material which has been built strenuously in Italy, the Santa Croce district. We tan in natural vegetable Tannin slowly and finish with hand dyeing only with dye.
Because we are very nervous, it is custom that it stop, and do color, but, in market of Japan, it is to bad leather of the touch that is artificial in this for discoloration. In the case of this leather, we do not do color stopper. Therefore it discolors a little, and wound is easy to be turned on, but as, on the other hand, we embezzle, wound disappears, and luster increases, and color thickens, and leather taste improves, and it is <authentic confidence product> to enjoy leather original texture, and maker to like in the leather truth uses willingly. It supplies to super brands of the world, but, in the bag industry of Japan, only we import.
Example of leather good point that we embezzled → This
Blaye dollar leather
We confirm for eyes and the touch of the hand
It is originally material for harness of peer. Put effort with time by traditional Tannin called meal which was "pit; tan, and is gem which plaster grease on dye finish by one piece, the leather surface by hand, and completed.
CORDOVAN means gluteal leather of horse. By exercise, it is abnormally leather of place where fiber becomes minute. Therefore, there is CORDOVAN to no horse. With precious leather which has begun to sharpen super minute fiber by hand, we are proud of several-fold refraction strength of cowhide. Valuables that only two pieces of covers of school satchel are removed from one horse. We are used as school satchel and material of belt mainly. All CORDOVAN of OHBA CORPORATION begins to sharpen horse brought up in field from France in Japanese tannaim and use thing which let you dye. Because the handling is very abundant, we have absolute confidence about the stocking for school satchel in us.

Only leather with true individuality and expression
Best leather material does not permit processing all compromise. They aim at technical supreme combination of the highest peak, and, with firm leather individuality, raw materials to use choose genuine individuality and high-quality materials with expression from the world.

●Cowhide, others
・British bridle leather (ENG)
・Birmingham saddle leather (ENG)
・France calf (FRA)
・German shrink leather (DEU)
・Meister leather (DEU)
・Germany calf (DEU)
・Saddle pulling up leather (BEL)
・Santa Croce leather (ITA)
・Italian calf (ITA)
・Japanese young calf skin (JPN)

●Precious leather
・Farmed Crocodile
・Safari is elegant

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