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It is late Masakatsu Ochiai of outfitting commentator who won "Classico Italy prize in Orientals for the first time that spoke in this way (than economic world January, 2002 issue). He has product of OHBA CORPORATION which is particular about still handcrafting bag and leather products using hand of craftsman in his hand, and "workmanship of product made by hand and product made by machine is different as top and the ground. Pace of the hand was minute, and there was warmth and stated, machine was flat, and there is not taste. In addition, we understand value of the bag if we use. If "we take and use, we understand warmth immediately. Exquisite grip condition of ha tsu hand, smoothness of opening and shutting, wild, beautiful stitch praised bag of OHBA CORPORATION saying it is the skill that we could not speak with bag of machine production. 

It is made in big ravine

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