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〒120-0034 4-2-2, Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 
TEL: 03-3881-1192 
FAX: 03-3881-1199 

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  The ji 80 rest of life when OHBA CORPORATION is engaged in the making of bag since the formation in 1935. We have been pursuing veritable quality of bags and keeping traditional philosophy of craftsmanship, receiving a number of prizes such as seven consecutive winning of Minister of Education Award.
 Our company originates from the production of school satchels. Work to gather up parts more than 200 with handicraft is not averageness, but repeats efforts every day in order to have you practice words, "you have for a long time if you use good thing carefully". Japanese manufacturing skill of school satchels is very unique, and its production requires a extremely careful work and tireless training. We are producing attache cases, dalles bags, business bags, wallets and other leather goods, maintaining and developing handmade manufacturing skills.
 Various medias such as magazines and television introduce us as a bag manufacturer that maintains Japanese traditional craftsmanship. For more details please see Media page.
The history and origin
 Ancestor of founder Mikio Ohba of OHBA CORPORATION can trace until record of Ohba Oribenosuke 440 rest of life ago. It is September 10, 1561 that we are told that Kenshin Uesugi of Shingen Takeda and Echigo of worth fought in single combat in Kawanakajima.
 We can see the name of Ohba Oribenosuke in description of fight of this Kawanakajima. Bottom of flag of Takeda "Shingen Takeda's flag slogan takes the field, and there is when we repeated the offense and defense for decade. He changes to Ohba Tajimanokami Hirotsuna later, and it is said that open group is there later (as for the founder teisanjun*wanao of the founding a country temple eighth) and left the world, and "hoseisandai*in is written down to book with" tenseihachinenkotatsunitsukininichikyo in the suburbs of current Suzaka-shi, Nagano in the past in 1578 (Tensho 6). We continue up to the present day after the Edo era in the Azuchimomoyama era even if we finish war afterward while we are bound by religious precepts, manners of past event.
 OHBA CORPORATION aims at the making of product which we can possess for a long time without being seized with the fashion, but can imagine the source of this Spartan crafting even if it is come from teaching of distance Takeshi Takeda far.

Of dai*in (now nijugoyoshorin**so) and 400 years when repeated the history more than the fourth century years old hang down; cherry tree

Internal principal idol which is said to be product which is in the middle of Tokugawa era

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