When it comes to school satchels, the Japanese long-established bag maker OHBA CORPORATION is the best

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OHBA CORPORATION is a long-established bag maker, which is also making medicine cabinets for the Imperial Family, is always seeking "good quality and craftsmanship". Feelings to "quality to use only leather of highest grade material and feelings to classic" experienced craftsmanship including sewing by hand. OHBA CORP. has been producing handmade beautiful leather goods, with the out-and-out craftsmanship. From CORDOVAN of the highest grade to clarino, business bag, handicraft leather wallet, leather accessory of bag craftsman attract attention in school satchel of our pride that is pioneer of maker as the beginning, too.
Longtime seller school satchel of purveyance for the government craftsman
Catalogue request of the next season from April 1The OHBA School Satchel stock situation

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OHBA School satchels - Long time seller school satchels by imperial warrant craftsmen -

  OHBA CORPORATION sent only product of reliable quality not to permit all compromise as pioneer of Japanese school satchel maker in 82 since we were born in 1935. We have been making effort to create veritable bags of high quality for a long time, and in this period we have received various prizes and awards, such as a seven consecutive winning of Minister of Education Award, Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, 11 times of winning of Tokyo Governor Award, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and so on, in a large number of competitions. We eagerly desire to keep producing long selling goods to be loved by everyone.
From the imperial family to celebrities of all domains
There are reasons enough to realise why our products have been appreciated and loved.
 Since our foundation in 1935, OHBA CORP. has been pursuing handmade production of bags that cannot be imitated by mass-production, from the choice of materials to its process flow.
 As a result, our company has become famous as a long standing brand and loved by a lot of people around the world.
 Our products are admired by fashion designers who work in France, a country of origin of leather goods, or by other celebrities of all domains. Its high quality is proven by various satisfactory results, as shown in medias such as television and magazines, or in the fact that we manufacture medicine boxes for the Imperial Family.

Left: Published by Fuyusha: 『Catalogue of collector's items loved by the Imperial Family
Right: Published by Shogakukan Serai: 『"Belongings" of Princess Aiko
Loved by many people as a top manufacturer of school satchels for more than 50 years.
It's because people who know the real thing have chosen our products for their loved children.
Gakushuin school satchel ←School satchel of an early date introduced in Gakushuin primary school

 Since "OHBA school satchel" was introduced as the basic design of Japanese school satchels, OHBA CORP. has been highly vaunted as a top manufacturer for more than 50 years. As a result, our products have been introduced in various famous national and private primary schools around Japan.
What we are proud of the most is the fact that our products have been chosen and inherited by people who know the difference between our products and other mass-produced ones as well as these results.
 Selecting "OHBA school satchel" as proof of love to one's dear children. We will do our best to keep producing the school satchels of the highest quality that would not betray the trust in this choice.

A medicine box for the Imperial Family
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Perforating work
Extremely accurate work
OHBA CORP. has full confidence and pride in production of leather goods, with a number of skilled professionals working in this field for more than 50 years. The late Mr.OCHIAI Masakatsu once said, " I've seen professionals many times at famous craft centres abroad, but I think craftsmen of Ohba are never second to them."
Craftsmen of Ohba always needle bags very carefully, with pride and persistence to "Quality and craftsmanship".
School satchel made by hand-sewn tailor
School satchel meticulously sewed up with one stitch to another

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Catalogue distribution of OHBA School Satchel was finished
School satchel catalogue sending has already finished acceptance. Thank you very much for much request.

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